Saturday, May 25, 2013

Days 7 to 10 of the drinking water rather than soft drinks experiment

May 21 to 24, 2013 (Tuesday through Friday)

It is getting easier and more enjoyable to drink water with my meals and snacks and sips throughout the day.

The other night, I had that Chia Seed, lemon juice, and water mixture and got acid reflux that lasted well into the next day. That confirmed for me even more the advisability to mostly make my drink pure water.

I started also drinking milk with some of my meals. That also was enjoyable as long as I add ice cubes to make it truly icy cold.

I don't think I am eating as much as I used to as the water does not precipitate any sugar cravings like soft drinks did. That is a good thing.

If I do drink soft drinks occasionally, I am going to make certain that they do not have caffeine. So, the experiment is succeeding very well. I am so pleased!

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